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Yeast Beta Glucan

Yeast beta glucan is a polysaccharide exists in the yeast cell wall and has the functions of immunity enhancing, blood lipids improving, anti-radiation and intestinal functions improvement. Yeast beta glucan is a product which is safe, health and with a high biological activity.

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Product Description


1. All kinds of foods, such as: meat, dairy products, biscuits, drinks, fruit juices;

2. Health food or medicines, to enhance immunity, anti-radiation, regulating blood lipids, and adjuvant treatment of cancer.

3. As a functional food ingredient or for the use in food supplements

4.     Anti-wrinkle and anti-aging products, sunscreen and after-sun care products, soothing products for sensitive skin and other high-end cosmetics.


1. Specific activation of human immune cells, can rapidly enhance the immune system.

2. Anti-radiation, anti-tumor, and intestinal functions improvement;

3. From natural yeast, which is safe and health;

4. Can be directly used in biscuits, bread, dairy products, confectionery, beverages and a variety of foods.

5. Adding soluble yeast β-Glucan solution to cosmetics can relieve reduce irritation, renew and repair stressed skin, effectively reduce skin wrinkles, improve skin moisture retention and smoothness, promote the recovery and regeneration of scars.

The ratification of yeast beta glucan as a novel food ingredient

EU approved yeast beta glucan as a novel food ingredient in 2011. Yeast beta glucan is GRAS by FDA in USA. China Ministry of Health approved yeast beta glucan as a new resource food in 2010. Yeast beta glucan can be added directly in a variety of foods such as biscuits, bread, dairy products, confectionery and beverages.