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Black Garlic

Human food product, Black Garlic is the highest quality garlic that has fermented by a process of the perfect mix of heat and humidity causing the garlic to ferment.  The product is made of fresh sole garlic or muti-cloves garlic after preliminary cleaning, sterilizing, washing, roasting at low heat for anywhere between 30 – 60 days to make it ferment.

It is a completely natural product. The black color of the garlic occurs naturally as the sugars are drawn out of the garlic during the process of slow roasting. Black Garlic is the perfect mix of sweet/savory. The strong pungent flavors of fresh garlic are gone but the garlic essence remain and add the new flavors of molasses and balsamic. 

All process follows a technical process and the product meets the requirements specified in the specification .NON-use of genetically modified raw material in manufacture.  Non-use of food coloring and preservatives. NON-Using the various ionizing radiation the manufacture. 

  • Sole black garlic   

  • Muti-cloves black garlic

  • Black garlic with skin

  • Black garlic without skin